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1) Which U.S. region has the smallest states by land area?

a. West
b. Midwest
c. Northeast
d. South

My Answer:


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    Thank You Ms. Sue :D

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    You're welcome, Wendy.

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    If you're doing Connexus, the whole test is:
    1) Which U.S. region has the smallest states by land area?

    a. West
    b. Midwest
    c. Northeast
    d. South
    Correct answer C.

    2) Because of the nearly unbroken chain of cities that runs from Boston to Washington D.C., the coastal region of the Northeast is
    a. desert
    b. megalopolis
    c. country of its own
    d. undesirable to tourists
    Correct answer B.

    3) From 1892 to 1954, millions of immigrants entered the United States through and immigration station in the Northeast called
    a. Empire State Station
    b. Big Apple Harbor
    c. Manhattan Port
    d. Ellis Island
    Correct answer D.

    I took the test ;)

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    The second answer is wrong it should be D

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    Hey thank you You'r Welcome! But Jake is right for #2.

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    No, it's D Deeez nuts. Just took the quick check.

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    yeah the answers are:

    1) c
    2) d
    3) d

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    @Anonymous is 100% right

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    yes its 1.c 2.d 3.d

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    no number 2 is b, your welcome was right

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