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an art school knows that in general they go through 38 colored pencils per week. they have asked their students to hold their pencils differently over the past 10 weeks and wonder whether this has made a significant difference in the number of penccils they go through. dat aon pencils that are used up in the past 10 weeks are as follows: 35,38,20,40,36,36,35,35,34,34

  • statistics(HELP)ASAP -

    What in the world does "in general" mean? Normally, in general you have a mean with some standard deviation known.

    run these numbers through your calculator, find mean, and std deviation.

  • statistics(HELP)ASAP -

    i don't know what is meant by 'in general' means, i am asking the question that is asked of me...please help me, we are beginning one and two tailed tests....i don't know what to do with this

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