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16. Which sentence is correct?
A. Yo no entiendo a la maestra.
*B. Yo no entiendo a este libro.

Possessive Adjectives
17. What would be the correct PA in Spanish? : Ellos tienen (their) libros.

18. What would be the correct PA in Spanish? : Ella tiene (her) libro.
Answer: su

19. What would be the correct PA in Spanish? : Nosotros tenemos (our) sillas.
Answer: nuestra

20. What would be the correct PA in Spanish? : Yo tengo (my) silla.
Answer: mi

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    I'll send this to SraJMcGin.

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    Thank You

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    16. The "personal a" is used before a direct object noun to indicate that it is a person, a beloved pet, something that you want to "personalize." It is NEVER translated in English and it is never used before an inanimate object. Therefore the correct answer is A, not B.

    17 and 18 are correct.

    19. What is the function of an adjective (including PA)? It is to have the same number (singular or plural) and gender (masculine or feminine) as the adjective(s) it modifies. Look at the noun "sillas." It is plural AND feminine. The adjective "nuestras" must be also.

    20 is also correct.

    Be sure to ask about anything you do not fully understand!


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    Thank you very much. Does number 19 just need an "S"?

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    Yes. The form "nuestro" has 4 forms: nuestro, nuestra, nuestros, nuestras, the correct answer here being nuestras.

    Both vuestro and nuestro have 4 forms. The others only have singular and plural: mi, mis / tu, tus / su, sus.


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