Story ( english)

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Princess bride
Fezziks conflict and character arc?
Westlys related theme
Buttercups symbols

  • Story ( english) -

    What is fezziks problem in the story, a theme to be related to westley.. And symbols that represent buttercup

  • Still makes no sense -

    You really need to write real questions and write clearly.

    fezziks = ???????

    westley = ??????????

    buttercup = ?????????

  • Story ( english) -

    Have you watched the movie at least twice?

  • Story ( english) -

    If you don't have a copy, your local library can get one for you.

  • Story ( english) -

    Depending on how faithful the movies is to the book, you might be better off *gasp* reading the book!

  • Story ( english) -

    Nooo! They didn't give us a book, i would of read it! We just watched the movie once in class togather

  • Story ( english) -

    And these arnt my questions' there my teachers, so don't say write clearly !

  • Story ( english) -

    Your typing and punctuation are not perfected yet. Neither are mine, and I used to edit a magazine. Please keep improving, the better we write the better we are understood.

  • Story ( english) -

    Is not me who wrote that! -,-

  • Story ( english) -

    Ah, I see, ...Good! :)

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