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Can someone tell me if my sentences are correct, please? I'll be very thankful to you.

•When I arrived at the hotel, someone was cleaning my room
•If I had known that he was so rude, I would have never married him.
•You would tell the truth if you were good friends
•I wouldn’t have answered the phone, if I had known that it was him
•If you don’t water the garden, the plants will die.
•Look! The man who is crossing the road is my granpa.
•He had been driving for two days when he reached his destination at last.
•I won’t be able to go skiing with you because I will be very busy studying next week.
•You have been packing all morning, do you need any help? (it's all morning you have been packing??)
•When I arrived last night, my mother had already come back and was giving dinner to children.
• You shouldn’t eat many fats which are bad for you health. ase

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    grandpa (spelling)

    What's the "ase" at the end?

    (Is this you, Franco?)

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    put periods in and on I wouldn't have answered the phone, if I had known it was him, who is him? The grammar needs to be worked on and the last statement needs rewording and leave out ase

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