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18. What is one disadvantage of accessing the Internet through a public search engine such as or ?

A.) It’s open to anyone, so the information comes from many different people.

B.) You won’t be able to access documents that have not been published online.

C.) A huge amount of information can be found at your fingertips.

*D.) The Internet changes continuously, so new sources keep cropping up.

19. Which of the following would always require a citation in a research paper?

A.) thesis statement

B.) an anecdotal experience

*C.) a quotation

D.) a humorous statement

Thank You

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    18 -- D is not a disadvantage!!

    19 -- correct

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    so is it A?

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    I would say that B or C would be disadvantages.

    B -- because there's still LOTS of information that's not available online anywhere, especially works still under copyright.

    C -- because when you get over 10,000 results (or more!) for a search, it's often hard to know what to trust and what to discard as junk.

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