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Eight of nine phylum of animal kingdom are made up of
A. vertebrates
c. invertebrates
d. jointed-leg animals

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    111. Vertebrate Animal Phylum
    ____(A) Phylum Chordata
    ________1. Class Aves
    ________2. Class Fish
    ________3. Class Reptilia
    ________4. Class Mammalia
    ________5. Class Amphibia
    IV. Invertebrate Animals Phylum
    ____(A) Phylum Porifera
    ____(B) Phylum Cnidaria
    ____(C) Phylum Platyhelmintes
    ____(D) Phylum Nematoda
    ____(E) Phylum Annelida
    ____(F) Phylum Mollusca
    ____(G) Phylum Arthropoda
    ____(H) Phylum Echinodermata

    count them; 8 of 9 are invertebrates

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