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a tailor had 9m of cloth. after making a tablecloth and 4 cushion covers, she had 90 cm of cloth left. if she used twice as much coth to make each cushion cover as the tablecloth, find the lenght of cloth she used to make each cushion cover

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    Convert the 9m of cloth to cm = 900 cm to start with.

    She has 90 cm of cloth left so she used
    900 cm - 90 cm = 810 cm of cloth
    Let X = cloth for tablecloth
    Let 2X = cloth for each cushion cover.

    The equation would be:
    810 = X + 4 * 2x
    810 = X + 8X
    810 = 9X
    2X=2(90cm) = 180 cm
    So the tablecloth = 90 cm, and each cushion cover is 180 cm.

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