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Hello again. Will you please help me with a few more questions?
1)Which word order is correct: a)he was accused of taking bribes by his colleagues or b) he was accused by his colleagues of taking bribes?
2)Do you think it's possible to say: "there are good responses to this scientist / to his article" (i.e. "he has a good reputation, people speak well of him")?
3) Do you think it's OK to say: "Britain is now in negotiations with France", i.e. Britain is conducting negotiations with France?
4)Is it possible to say "the text of a deal", for example "The text of the deal remained unknown to the general public"?
I'm very grateful to you for your help.

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    1.b. -- because you want to keep "by his colleagues" as close to the verb as possible. If you use the word order in a, it reads as if the colleagues took bribes.

    2. This sounds very stilted and impersonal. Where are these good responses? In comments on a website? In an article written in response to his article? It makes a difference. What is the WHOLE CONTEXT?

    3. What's wrong with this: Britain is now negotiating with France ...

    4. Yes. Better would be "The details of the deal ... "

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