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World history; Check:P

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1.What was the significance of the Twelve Tables?
The Twelve Tables were significant because they were an early example of written law displayed publicly for all who could read them. They were later used as the laws for Rome. "The Twelve Tables established the idea that all free citizens had a right to the protection of the law."

2.What measures did the government take to distract and control the masses of Rome?
The government used entertainment to distract and control the masses of Rome. The government used free games, races, mock battles, and gladiator contests to hide their political social and economic problems. Their were animal shows, which had wild animals coming from different lands to fight one another. The animals fought until they died.

3.Why did the early Christians face persecution from the Romans?
Christians were persecuted because they didn't worship the Roman Gods. Romans used Christians as scapegoats, Romans exiled, imprisoned, and executed for not worshiping the Gods. Christians were also burned, crucified and killed by wild animals.

Why did so many Germanic tribes begin invading the Roman Empire?
Germanic tribes began invading the Roman Empire in an effort to flee from the Huns, the Various Germanic people pushed into Roman Lands.

What influence did Latin have on the development of Western languages?
It was the official language of the Roman Catholic Church into the 20th century.
Latin was adopted by different peoples and developed into French, Spanish,
Portuguese, Italian, and Romanian. These languages are called Romance languages
because of their common Roman heritage

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    These are good.

    I'd just add that worshipping Roman gods was an act of patriotism. The Romans felt that those who didn't worship their gods were disrespectful to the emperors and therefore committing treason against Rome.

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