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Choose the sentence that is punctuated correctly.
A.I would like to eat a big breakfast, watch a movie, and lounge on the sofa this Sunday.
B.I would like to eat a big breakfast, watch a movie, and lounge on the sofa, this Sunday.
C.I would like, to eat a big breakfast, watch a movie, and lounge on the sofa this Sunday.
D.I would like to eat a, big breakfast watch a, movie and lounge on, the sofa this Sunday.
I think it is A...? Thanks

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    I agree.

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    Thank you...

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    What do you learn from the dialogue between Mr. Frank and Miep at the beginning of Scene 1?

    A;Miep wants to show Mr. Frank something in the building.

    B;Mr. Frank wants to live in this building to hold on to his memories.

    C;The war has ended, but Mr. Frank does not want to remain in Amsterdam.

    D;The war is not yet over, and Mr. Frank is fleeing the country.

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    Plsinaeg to find someone who can think like that

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