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I refer to the verse 22:78. “And make jihad in God’s cause with true jihad. It is He who has chosen you, and has laid no hardship on you in religion; the creed of your forefather Abraham. It is He who has named you Muslims, in bygone times and in this [book], so that the Messenger might bear witness for you, and that you might bear witness for all mankind. Thus, attend regularly to your prayer, and pay out your zakāt, and hold fast to God. He is your Guardian: the best of guardians and the best to give support”.

On the part “…has laid no hardship on you in religion…”, all the tafseer that I have researched basically gives the explanation of the concessionaries that are given. For instance, when performing one's ablution or standing erect due to establishing prayers requires much pain, provision is given in tayammun and prayers in sitting position.

However I believe a different perspective can be made: Basically the main theme of this verse is about jihad:

1. It starts out with the exhortation “…And make jihad in God’s cause with true jihad…”.

2. The previous verse “Believers! Bow down and prostrate yourselves, and worship your Lord alone, and do good, so that you might be successful.” Some mufassir says the command of prayer is a preparation for jihad.

3. The last part of this verse “…He is your Guardian: the best of guardians and the best to give support.” could also indicate that making jihad is “difficult”, but Allah is here to give support.

So we could see the statement “…has laid no hardship on you in religion...” in the context of jihad. Jihad could be perhaps be regarded as the aspect of deen that seemingly brings the most hardship,more so with true jihad. However Allah is implying that in the real sense, jihad would actually bring ease not hardship!

For example if we makes jihad to pray tahajjud, at first it will be hard to wake extra early in the cold morning. But if we make the jihad, after some time, we will actually find nikmah in the tahajjud prayer. Also we will find ourselves more energetic in the day. However if we succumb to sleep, we will sooner or later becomes lazier and more lethargic.

Another example is giving charity. We might think we will be more “hard up” if we are not well off. However if we do give,we will find Allah will make actually our rizq more than before.

This concept would be consistent with the meaning of the verses:
“So, verily, with every hardship, there is ease:
Verily, with every hardship there is ease” (Surah Inshirah 94: 5-6)

What is your comment? Please give your arguments whether you agree or disagree with this perspective.


    We are not about to get into religious discussions. They are not suitable for critical thinking, and often just lead to emotional arguments, without logic or basis in factual sense.

    We can of course, help students sort out opinion versus facts, and get an understanding of which is which. Of course, I have witnessed in past years some wanting to argue that opinions (especially on creation) were in factual.


    Religious texts claim infallibility. Anyone who finds inconsistencies in their claims will get answers like these:

    1. "If Allah said it, it is fact, therefore if you perceive only "hardship" you need "stronger faith" to "understand" better."

    2. "The "hardship" will improve you somehow and, in retrospect you will change your perception."

    3. "It may seem self-contradictory (and it is ) but we cannot perceive the mind of Allah..." or some other demeaning statement designed to stop you from thinking critically.

    On the whole, choosing to do difficult things for good reasons will bring a mental ease, regardless of weather your own life is directly improved. I participate in the USDA food giveaway program. Once a month, I move around 3 tons of food. I cant stand up without a lot of pain for the next 3 days. I know hungry people are eating as a result of my efforts. This brings ease of mind. The "hardship" afterward is real, and after 14 years of doing this I just smile and walk funny for a bit, I would never think of stopping.

    The tutors and helpers here are like that too, giving their time and efforts for a greater cause.

    To the claim of "the religion" not being a hardship: It is. It requires believing claims with no proof. The only "ease" is the fellowship within the group, and only as long as you go along with their claims.

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