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assume that 44.3g Na2O are formed during the inflation of an air bag.How many liters of CO2-density=1.35g/L are needed to completely react with the Na2O?Explain

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    This reaction is unknown to me. Air bags typically are formed with N2 as the active gas. Do you have the reaction?

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    This is the entire essay question that was presented to me as an assignment.
    It just asks how many liters of CO2(density=1.35g/L)are needed to completely react with the Na2O.
    I can'y find help anywhere whis this question

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    Then I will assume that we are talking about Na2O + CO2 ==> Na2CO3 although I understand that airbags have KNO3 and SiO2 in order to react with the Na2O produced to produce products other than Na2CO3.
    mols Na2O = 44.3 grams/molar mass = ?
    Mols CO2 = mols Na2O
    g CO2 = mols CO2 x molar mass CO2
    volume CO2 = mass CO2/density CO2.

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