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Okay this is embarrassing but I seem to have lost my ability to do the math.... If my problem is:

200.0mg/1* 1g /1000mg* 1 mol/206.31g=

I can't remember if I have to multiply the two bottom ones first or if I just input the information in my calculator I got two answers 41.262 and 0.0009694....

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    The answer is the second one.
    Punch in the first 200, hit the divide key and punch in the first denominator *1000) and hit the = key. The punch the x button, punch in 1, and hit the divide key, unch in 206.31 and hit the = key. 0.0009694. You CAN multiply 200 x 1 x 1 and divide by (1000 x 206.31) but that means writing down answers. The first way above keeps everything in the calculator and waits on the next step.

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    Thank you my brain is muddled in a sickness cloud!!

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