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One medium bran muffin connateness 4.2 g of fiber. How many ounces of fiber are obtained by eating three medium bran muffins?

I need help understanding the conversion factor process

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    1 muffin = 4.2 g fiber so the factor is 4.2g fiber/1 muffin.
    (4.2 g fiber/1 muffin) x 3 muffin = 12.6 g fiber. Note that the factor is placed so that muffin in the denominator cancels with muffin in the numerator; what is left is grams fiber which is what you want. To convert to ounces. The factor is (1 oz = 28.3 g). Keep in mind that you can place the factor as (1 oz/28.3g) OR (28.1g/1 oz).
    12.6 g fiber x (1 oz/28.3g) = ? oz fiber. Again, notice that g cancels and leaves oz.

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