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Use the infinitives below to write ten sentence. Label each use of the infinitive a noun, an adjective, or an adverb.

1). to sing
2). to drive
3). to give
4). to walk
5). to tell
6). to contribute
7). to act
8). to be
9). to sleep
10). to dream

These are my answers to the problems above:

1). TO SING is difficult for some people.
2). Nathan allowed me TO DRIVE him.
3.) I offered TO GIVE Lily the remains of supper.
4). To walk the dog is an usual chore.
5). I had TO TELL him of what happened.
6). No matter how impossible it seemed, I still felt like I had TO CONTRIBUTE somehow.
7). I hate how much of our relationship we are forced TO ACT.
8). The Taos were said TO BE the first apartment-house builders.
9). It felt like centuries must pass before I would be able TO SLEEP.
10). One of the greatest things about sleep is the ability TO DREAM.

But the only problem is that I'm not sure on identifying the way in which they're used. Can you help me?

  • Grammar -

    Read and study the first section here, where the uses for infinitive phrases are explained and examples are given. Then give these your best try. We'll check your work.

  • Grammar -

    1). Noun.
    2). Adjective.
    3). Adverb.
    4). Noun.
    5). Adjective.
    6). Adverb.
    7). Noun.
    8). Adverb.
    9). Noun.
    10). Adjective.

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