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5. Look at the hundred chart.
One number is wrong.
Cross out that number and write
the right number instead.
Then explain how you know.
The chart shows the numbers 17,18, and 19 going across then it shows the square blank then 28,29 finally it shows 37,38 and 39

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    This is really hard

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    Someone answer this question it's hard please ms sue

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    Sorry I do not know this question, but if you want Ms. Sue to help you, type her name in the box where you put "Math". So your title would be "Math for Ms. Sue please"

    Just a suggestion! That way she can help you faster!

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    It's not necessary to put any specific tutor's name in the subject box. We answer the questions we can -- and skip the ones we can't.

    I don't know how to help you on this question, Gabby.

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    Gabby, for heaven's sake!!

    17 - 18 - 19

    __ - 28 - 29

    37 - 38 - 39

    What goes in the blank? It's not that hard!

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    I know it's 27 but the hard part is what number do u cross out out now who's smart now and ok thanks ms sue I will listen to what u say

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