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Government Budgeting

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Evaluate how public policy decisions affect the receipt of revenues

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    Evaluate? Or Describe? Or analyze.

    I don't think I can evaluate general concepts.

    Retirement, disability are all public policy decisions. Of course, they affect revenue.

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    Reduce taxes and the workers (people who actually produce goods and services) increase useful, productive economic activity ... and the economy grows larger. The people (in government who don't produce valuable or useful goods and services but who take from the producers) receive more money because they are taxing a larger economy.

    Increase taxes, and the producers (who then refuse to "work for the government" which takes ever larger amounts of their labor but returns little or nothing) produce less, the economy shrinks, and the tax taken by the government goes down.

    Lower taxes have increased economic activity and led to greater tax receipts in every country every time taxes have been reduced: The US (1920 - 22, 1946-48, 1982, 2002; The UK, the USSR under Khrushchev in the 50's, under Stalin in the late 30's, etc.

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