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How do you believe humans can, best, avoid "attribution" errors?

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    Did you read this article that I posted for you earlier?

    What do you think?

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    Oh Thanks , I Did not see it.

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    I checked it out and so far i wrote. but i need 200-400 words !! Please Help

    In my opinion, I believe it is unlikely for humans to avoid or completely stop attribution errors. One reason why is because humans are naturally made to assume things in which we do not know the situation. A solution to best avoiding attribution errors is to try not to infer the causes of events and behaviors of others. Attributions are usually influenced on your feelings and how you think of other people surrounding you.

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    That's a good start. Now let's think of specific ways people can avoid attribution errors.

    We need to train ourselves not to jump to conclusions.

    We need to learn to think before we speak or act.

    We need to broaden our experiences to include many different people and experiences. Reading about different cultures, people and situations will also help.

    One motto could be not to judge until we've "walked a mile in their shoes."

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    Thank You Very Much !! I kinda of got the idea now . Thanks soo much !

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    You're very welcome.

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