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do you know name of this picture?
it is dragon flying and kind of holding the flag which is of united states and it has six flags. and up it has curve.
it is symbol
please help me.

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    If you can find its image online, post again, and put spaces between parts of the web address (URL).

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    well it is not online.
    i cannot upload it.

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    it has six stars

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    h t t p://w w w .s h u t t e r s t o c k . c o m / p i c -2 2 2 3 0 9 2 8/s t o c k -p h o t o-e a g l e-a n d-f l a g-o n-u n i t e d-s t a t e s-f l a g.h t m l
    it is eagle.

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    In the Great Seal of the United States, the eagle is holding olive branches (peace) in one foot and arrows (war) in the other.

    In this photo of yours, though, I notice only the arrows, no olive branches. This strikes me as a very patriotic but warlike image, perhaps asserting that the US (flag, colors, eagle) will not be taken over.

    What else can you think of?

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