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Read the following sentences. Then rewrite them so that they are simple sentences. You will need to leave out words to make the sentences simple

1.The snacks and drinks that Mom put on the counter disappeared quickly.
The snacks and drinks disappeared quickly.

2.Even though it was summer, the weather was cool.
It was summer, and the weather was cool.

3. The science fair takes place in the spring so that students can complete their projects.
The science fair takes place so students can complete their projects.

4. Although Randall has a job, he still plays in the band and sings in the chorus.
Randall has a job, and he still plays in the band and sings in the chorus.

5.Mexican free-tailed bats, which eat mosquitoes, are actually mammals and not birds.
Mexican free-tailed bats are actually mammals and not birds.

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    1 and 5 have been made into simple sentences.

    2, 3, and 4 have not.

    Do you know why?

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    Thanks for numbering the sentences.

    You've made 2 into a compound sentence.

    You've made 3 into a complex sentence.

    You've made 4 into a compound sentence.

    1 and 5 are correct.

    Study these sites carefully.



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    2. The weather was cool in the summer.

    3. The science fair takes place in the spring.

    4. Randall has a job and still plays in the band.

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    All are right, now.

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    Thank you Ms. Sue and Writeacher.

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    You're welcome, Jerald.

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