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How can I find the tax?

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    Multiply by the tax rate.

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    i tried that but my answer came out with hundreds

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    What is the problem? Please post what you did, and I'll be glad to help you.

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    1. your favorite book is $29.50, how much is it with tax?

    2. A new bed set is $45.00, it is 15% off discount with the tax

    3. Your brother's baseball costs $53.35 a month, but now they added 23% of the original cost to it, how much is it now?

    Note: each answer needs tax of 7.725%

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    29.50 * 1.07725 = ?

    45 * 0.15 = 6.75
    0.07725 * (45 - 6.75) = ?

    0.07725 * (53.35 * 1.23) = ?

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    thank you

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    You're welcome.

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