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1. Wilma Peterson is paid by the hour. She would like a program that both calculates and displays her weekly gross pay. For this exercise, you do not need to worry about overtime pay, as Wilma never works more than 40 hours in a week. Desk-check your solution`s algorithm using $10 as the hourly pay and 35 as the number of hours worked. Then desk-check it using $15 as the hourly pay and 25 as the number of hours worked.


Program Description:



Algorithm`s, Processing, & Conditions:

  • Visual Basic (Computer Programming) -

    I have now removed two identical posts from you ... do NOT post any more. That's a good way to get yourself banned.

    You must have patience. I don't see any of our tutors online who are experts in programming. You need to wait for them.

  • Visual Basic (Computer Programming) -

    get banned cause someone really needs help gesh sure know how to make others stay away from this site. Maybe someone besides tutors can help.

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