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a sphere of mass 500.0g is released from point A 5m above the ground and slides down to point B 3.2m through point C 2m in frictionless wire track.
(1)determine the particle's speed at points B and C.
(2)determine the net work done by the force of graviy in moving the sphere from point A to C

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    mgΔh₁= mv(C)²/2
    =sqrt{2•9.8•(5-2)}=7.67 m/s
    KE(C) =KE(B) + Δ PE(B)
    mv(C)²/2 =mv(B)²/2+ mgΔh₂
    v(C)² = v(B)² + 2gΔh₂

    v(B)=sqrt{ v(C)² -2g(3.2-2)} = …

    W= mgΔh₁=…

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