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Can somebody write an acrostic poem for the ELEMENT mercury?? Thank you very much

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    I'm sure you can polish this up but here is an amateurish crack at it. I did this in less than five minutes (and it shows) but put your mind to it and see what you can do.

    Mercury is a metal as all can see,
    Every atom is a liquid that is solid free,
    Rich or poor it need not be,
    Certain elements are like that for eternity.
    Until we meet in the oceans deep,
    Ready to move in one large heap,
    Yet this liquid is one we want to keep.

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    Omg thanks that's awesome but I already past in the project and now I regret checking back in to see if anybody answered!! :(((

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    Heyy I need a poem for the element mercury for a science project and I was wondering if you could help me BTW it due by January 21 if its possible could you get it in by than thank you and I really like the other poem you did it is amazing
    The one and only keke

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