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Plz cud sombdy show me long division method of x^4/(x-1)(x^2+1)???? Plz note (x-1)(x^2+1) is in the denominator.

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    Why not take the extra few seconds and post using proper English ?

    I expanded the denominator to get
    x^3 - x^2 + x - 1 and I then divided x^4 by that

    It is hard to show the actual long division here, I assume you know how to do that.
    I got

    x+1 with a remainder of 1

    so x^4/((x-1)(x^2+1)) = (x+1) + 1/((x-1)(x^2+1))

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    visit and click on the long division link. It will show all the intermediate steps in the division.

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