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Could someone tell me if I have done my essay the right way? Please its due Monday??
"The internet is a much easier resource for students than a library”

The first reason the internet is a much easier resource for students than a library, you can Find specific information within in seconds when using a search engine on the internet, information on specific topics can be found faster than flipping through 100’s of pages to find your topic.
As a matter of fact internet research shows that the speed of young people web searching is up by 85%, and another reason the internet is easier because its open 24 hours a day and the library has set hours of operation, but you can search the internet at anytime of the day or night and it never closes it’s available when you are
which as I stated make’s it more convent for students and parents.
lastly when using the internet you have access to unlimited resources, you can get help for homework or ideas for projects from all over the world and in foreign languages. And you can get it all in one place, which makes it an easier resource for students.
A recent global survey by OCLC suggested students still use the library, but they are using it less since they first began using the internet as a easy research tool.
The internet is turning into an easy resource to help students research and work on assignments.
The Internet is not a substitute for the library.
It's a easy resource best used in addition to traditional research sources.

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