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i'm required to write a 7 paragraph, 5 minute speech for my 8th grade lit comp class. the topic is "why my voice is important." but i can't think of any reason my voice is important. because it's not. i'm 14 years old! what say do i have in anything? none. that's right. somebody please give me some reasons why my voice is important. i'm really struggling here.

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    You're an individual. You're a citizen of your country. You're a part of your community and a part of your school.

    All of these descriptions mean that your opinions are as good as anyone else's ideas.

    What's important to you? Brainstorm and write down all of the issues that are important to you. It could be as simple as love of family. It could be as complex as political views. Write them down.

    These sites may give you some ideas.

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    The reason your voice matters is because its part of the way you want to be respected, spoken to, as well as you are part of a family of individuals. The fact that you have ideas of your own and you have values and an opinion is also why your voice should be heard. You have rights and priveleges and freedoms to be heard.

    Think of it this way, when you wish to have a talk with your mom or dad you have a voice and you have things that need to be heard, listened to, and counted for matters that you deem important. These alone are why you have a say.

    This is your country, your life, your home and your family. These are what give you that voice and your thoughts on things.
    Hope that helps.

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    try your best and most of all thik about it because I have to write the same thing.

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