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How do you write a good personal statement for acceptance? (Any topic).
I drafted, but I did not know what to write about, so I just wrote about my sister :/

My sister and I are not alike in any way, we do not even share the same blood. Growing up though, I was always in her shadow. My family expected my sister to achieve satisfactory grades, go to college, be successful- all normal expectations parents have for their children. Shortly after my sister entered high school, she became involved with the wrong crowd, to put it nicely. Her grades started to fall and her performance declined, so started the chain reaction that has lead to her current predicament. Since, many have expected me to eventually stray into the same path. Despite all of their doubts, I have managed to keep school and work balanced. The roller coaster of doubts and expectations have been a curse as well as a blessing, they set a bar for me that I would have never otherwise considered. Now, I am determined to go on to a decent college after graduation, something they never expected of me.

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