World history-can you check my answes?!?!?!

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1. The ability to acquire food on a regular basis meant that humans?
A)had less control over their environment.
B)could give up their nomadic way of life and live in settled communities.
C)could use animals as pets.
D)could use fire to cook their food.

2. How did Judaism differ from other religions of ancient times?
A)It taught that there was one God for all peoples.
B)It taught that only the priests had access to divine will.
C)It taught that the Hebrew king was part god.
D)It taught that reincarnation led to the end of suffering.

3. In ancient India, the Untouchables were the?
A)priests, considered sacred beings.
B)warriors, considered invincible in battle.
C)peasants, one-fifth of the population.
D)lowest level of society, not considered human.

4. Filial piety refers to the duty of?
A)family members to subordinate their needs to the male head.
B)parents to subordinate their needs to their educated children.
C)Hindus to accept their position in the social order.
D)Israelites to follow the Ten Commandments.

My Answers: B, A, D, B

  • World history-can you check my answes?!?!?! -

    I agree with 1, 2, and 3.

    Re-think #4.

  • World history-can you check my answes?!?!?! -

    so 4 is A?

  • World history-can you check my answes?!?!?! -

    Right. Usually, this means the sons and daughters subordinating their wishes/needs to the head of the family (their father, normally), but it's not hard to expand the meaning to A.

  • World history-can you check my answes?!?!?! -

    alright. thanks :)

  • World history-can you check my answes?!?!?! -

    You're welcome!

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