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Finding the Culprit

At 4 a.m. in New York city the busy streets were now nothing but a whistle in the sky. There was no one there

but a 14-year old girl wandering around, she had a light auburn hair that reached to her mid-waist. She was a

fit tall girl, had model looks the type you see in magazines. She seemed perfect but everyone knows there no such

thing as perfect, her almost perfect life came crashing down right beside her when a burglar barged in her house.

It was a typical Tuesday night Victoria went out with some friends to go eat at her favorite restaurant Brooklyn

fare. They had been having fun, goofing around and getting kicked out. As she was heading home Kat saw a car

heading toward her with so much velocity, but passed by her; not thinking much about it Katrina entered the

house for all Kat knew it was probably some psycho teenager. As she closed the door she heard dead silence

that’s weird they always have something turned on maybe they were just tired and went to sleep Kat thought to


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    is this good

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    The ending is not that good ..

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