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Identify at least two actions of the Queen that permitted a diversity of ideas and cultural practices within the empire. Identify any actions that reflected intolerance.

thanks in advance

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    You're expecting someone to write your assignment for you??

    Read all of what Ms. Sue has already posted for you. THEN write up what YOU THINK. Someone here will be check your work for you.

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    Ms. Sue actually gave you really good links. If you payed attention in the class, You would realize that the story of Queen Elizabeth is a very interesting one. Go into your history books if you don't agree with what Ms.Sue gave you. But id rather go with what Ms.Sue gave you because its GOOD and TRUE information.

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    I did read what ms sue put. but I don't want to have to beat around the bush for answers. I have been reading and watching vids for the last couple hours. i don't expect anyone to write my assignment for me. i would however appreciate it if someone made it a little easier, and by easier i don't mean post links that someone chose just because the persons name that im doing the "assignment" on is mentioned in the link.

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    Kevin, you're wasting a lot of time on this website. Get busy and start planning and writing your assignment.

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    Look up "Queen Elizabeth 1 Biography" on google. Click on the Wiki link and there you go.

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    lol damn get off his dick

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    stop riding it like that

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