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the distance from jill house to school is 3 3/5 miles. jill walks 1/6 of the way. how far does she walk

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    Well, you could take 1/6 of 3 3/5

    first convert 3 3/5 into an improper fraction

    3 = 15/5 so 15/5 + 3/5 = 18/5 (= 3 3/5)

    now multiply 18/5 * 1/6 this should give you 1/6 of the distance.

    remember when you multiply fractions you just multiply the numerators together, and then the denominators together. like so...


    so 18/30 miles now reduce

    they are both divisible by 6 so

    18/6 = 3
    30/6 = 5

    so she walked 3/5 of the way

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