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is this a good story

She left that morning, taking all she could with her clothes, money, phone; as she headed toward the straggle subway as she bounded many people screamed at her and told her names but she didn’t care she was so lost in this maroon world she didn’t care what they said. As she engrossed herself and got on the subway, she heard her name “Katrina! Katrina!” but it was too late she didn‘t want to reach out for them no more her only friend the one who was there for her when everyone else criticized her had abandoned her, her family didn‘t want her she felt useless no she was useless. She knew she could not hide forever they would eventually find her but for now there was no other way.
She woke up the next day when she noticed a sect just staring at her bewildered. Wondering if she had something on her face she carefully sat up and looked out the window when she noticed nothing was wrong with her face when something crossed her mind how many 13 year old were there that are awaiting a child and left home to forget the past and move on; not many I suppose. When they did not stop staring at her, she started feeling very claustrophobic, so she stood up and left leaving all her stuff behind not caring if they were stoled.
As she bound up the deserted sidewalks she noticed a hamper with food inside; as she looked attentively if people were watching she saw a lady talking to a baker they were the only people there so it was obvious it was the ladies hamper. Carefully she grabbed it and ran when she heard a vigorous voice from behind “help! I’ve been robbed somebody help me!” when she knew she was out of sight she sat down on the sidewalk looking at the food with glimmer eyes and ate it with so much will. When a hand covered her mouth and a husky voice said, “Don’t move or I‘ll shoot” while placing a gun to her head and a washcloth to her face, and then she finally knew it was finally over.
She woke up in a dark room tied in a chair so tight she couldn’t feel her hands, she noticed she was in a dark room with no windows and it was totally empty. She heard mumbling and the door creaked open
“Ahh I see your awake” “where am I what do you want from me” Katrina said almost in a whisper

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    can you give me ideas cause i have to write a narrative

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