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psychology 220

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(1 pts.) A psychologist suspects that Dan's psychotic episode may be related to the recent death of his wife. On which DSM-IV Axis would this stressful event be recorded?

A) Axis I
B) Axis II
C) Axis III
D) Axis IV
(My answer is D) Am i right?

  • psychology 220 -

    I would agree.

    Multi-axial system
    The DSM-IV organizes each psychiatric diagnosis into five dimensions (axes) relating to different aspects of disorder or disability:
    Axis I: All diagnostic categories except mental retardation and personality disorder
    Axis II: Personality disorders and mental retardation (although developmental disorders, such as Autism, were coded on Axis II in the previous edition, these disorders are now included on Axis I)
    Axis III: General medical condition; acute medical conditions and physical disorders
    Axis IV: Psychosocial and environmental factors contributing to the disorder
    Axis V: Global Assessment of Functioning or Children's Global Assessment Scale for children and teens under the age of 18

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