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Read the sentenced Add quotation marks where needed
We went to the movies last night, Brianna said.
"We went to the movies last night," Brianna said.

Just wait, Gail said, and I will get it for you.
"Just wait," Gail said,"and I will get it for you."

I need help with my English homework, my brother said.
"I need help with my English homework," my brother said.

Mrs.Johnson yelled, Look out for that car!
Mrs.Johnson yelled,"Look out for that car!"

There is room for one more, Mr.Jones declared.
"There is room for one more," Mr.Jones declared.

I know a shortcut, Rafael said.
"I know a shortcut," Rafael said.

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    All right.

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    Thank you Ms. Sue! :)

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    You're welcome, Jerald.

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