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Assignment: Should heroes be defined as people who say what they think when we ourselves lack the courage to say it? Plan and write an essay in which you develop your point of view on this issue. Support your position with reasoning and examples taken from your reading, studies, experience, or observations.

Heroes should be defined as people who say what they think when others lack the courage to express those same ideas. Those who are able to show the boldness and bravity in their character and put forth an idea or thought that others lack the courage to say are heroes. Heroes an be defined on the grand scheme of things, for example,in a community where recycling programs are not being strictly enforced and most members of the board are reluctant to raise their voices, and one individual voices everyone's main concern. Another example that supports the definition of a hero stated earlier, is at a school, where a couple of bold and resilient students, the heroes, team up the student body against a wrong decision that the school administration made.
In my community, the issue of recycling became prevalent due to the increased amount of garbage being found on the streets and sidewalks developing into a major inconvenience for pedestrians and vehicle owners alike. At the meeting held regularly every week, no one voiced their concern, except for one bold member of the board, my mom. She decided to take the step of speaking up for everyone else who did not have the courage to speak out their mind on the prevalent issue in the neighborhood. My mom could be viewed as a hero for she took the brave and bold step to bring the issue of trash and recycling up front to the board and expressed the thoughts that other members were unable to say due to the fact they did not have courageousness to go up against the board and present an issue that might receive immediate disapproval. Over coming that fear of being shot down my mother decided to stand up and show her brave front essentially exactly what a hero does.
Another example of how heroes are defined as people who are able to say what they think can be seen at school, when administration makes a decision that works to the detriment of the students. A few bold, brave, and outspoken students are able to voice the concern of the entire student body by presenting this problem to the school admin. Not everyone at school has the boldness and courageousness to confront school officials in gear of immediate rejection of flat out disapproval. However, those students who realize rejection is a possibility and yet put forth and confront administration with its decision can be regarded as heroes for they voiced the concerns of the entire student body. These students can be regarded as heroes because they were able to ride out their own fear, and say what the other students lacked the courage to say.
All in all, it is evident that indeed, heroes should be defined as people who are able to voice the concerns, problems, ideas, and even thoughts that others may lack the courage to say. In my community, my mother can be regarded as a hero for speaking up and voicing the general public concern and being the only to have the boldness in her to do so. Also, the students who are able to confront the school administration are defined as heroes as well, because they brought to the attention issues that others lacked the courage to say and put forth.

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