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21(1 pts.) Based on the incidence of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome in various ethnic groups, which of the following individuals would be considered high risk?

A) a woman of French Canadian descent
B) a woman of Irish descent
C) a woman of Italian descent
D) a woman of Native American descent

# 1.17
(1 pts.) Five-year-old Julio appeared normal for the first two years of life. At age two there was a marked deterioration in his language, social, and motor skills. Julio might be diagnosed as having

A) Rett's disorder.
B) childhood disintegrative disorder.
C) Asperger's disorder.
D) autistic disorder.

# 1.27
(1 pts.) Cindy is in her first year of high school. She has always been viewed as a lazy student who just does not put any effort into her writing. Her spelling is terrible and the sentences she writes are disorganized and filled with syntactical errors. Rather than being lazy, Cindy may very well have a

A) dyslexic disorder.
B) mathematics disorder.
C) receptive language disorder.
D) disorder of written expression.

# 1.28
(1 pts.) Jeremy has a difficult time sitting still, and interrupts others, but generally can pay attention to what his teacher is saying as he moves around the room. Jeremy might be diagnosed with

A) attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, inattentive type.
B) attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, hyperactive-impulsive type.
C) attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, combined type.
D) attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, overactive type.

# 1.39
(1 pts.) Which of the following children is MOST likely to benefit from behavioral interventions designed to treat conduct disorder?

A) Mason, who is 17 years old
B) Ted, who is 15 years old
C) James, who is 14 years old
D) Nathan, who is 11 years old

# 1.40
(1 pts.) Chris constantly runs around eating used matches and cigarette butts out of ashtrays. Chris might be diagnosed as having

A) pica.
B) rumination disorder.
C) anorexia.
D) stereotypic movement disorder.

# 1.56
(1 pts.) Parents who are neglectful during a child's early years are likely to facilitate the development of

A) Tourette's disorder.
B) reactive attachment disorder.
C) autistic disorder.
D) Down syndrome.

# 1.58
(1 pts.) John has been diagnosed as having Tourette's syndrome and conduct disorder. Tourette's syndrome and conduct disorder in this case are referred to as ___ disorders.

A) clinically significant
B) categorical
C) comorbid
D) polymorphous

.A .A .D .A .C .B .C .A

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