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Zac moved 1/5 of the things from his old bedroom to his new dorm in 32 1/2 minutes.
How long will it take in minutes for him to move all his things to his new dorm room?

I need help with the problem I want to know the equation and how to get the answer. And please tell me the answer!


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    (1/5)x = 32.5

    Solve for x

    Hint: I'd change 1/5 to its decimal equivalent.

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    Is the answer somehow 6 1/2

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    6 1/2 minutes? No!

    0.2x = 32.5

    x = 32.5 / 0.2

    x =

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    162 1/2

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    Connie rode the roller coaster at the amusement park. After 3 minutes, the ride was 3/4 complete. How long did the entire ride take?

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