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Mr.Jacobsen wants to hire a magician for his son's birthday party.
Marion has a travel fee of $30 and charges $15 per hour. Gregory has a travel fee of$50 and charges $10 per hour. Define a variable. Then write a system of equatins to represent the situation. Solve the systemof equations. Interpret the solution.

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    I assume the problem is to find at which point the two magicians will charge the same amount.

    for x hours,
    m = 30 + 15x
    g = 50 + 10x

    so, when does m=g?

    30+15x = 50+10x
    5x = 20
    x = 4

    So, at 4 hours,
    marion charges 30 + 4*15 = 90
    greg charges 50 + 4*10 = 90

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