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This is new to me if someone could please explain how to do this it would be great.
Sentence Patterns:draw vertical lines to identify the slot boundaries in the following sentences; label each slot with its form and function. In parentheses at the end of the sentence, identify its sentence pattern.

After several weeks on the job, Michael and Nicole became great friends. ( )

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    I'll try, even though I don't guarantee I understand the instructions thoroughly!

    Michael and Nicole | became | great | friends.

    Michael and Nichole = compound subject
    became = linking verb, past tense
    great = adjective, modifying "friends"
    friends = predicate noun

    Pattern = S LV PN


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    Identify the type of subordinate clause in the following sentence.

    If we remember to brush our teeth, we will get fewer cavities.

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    Identify the italicized phrase in the following sentence.For some reason,Vince didn't like falling in the mud puddle.

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