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    thanks very much writeacher :) i do it when her child is at hospital at his last stage of cancer, and when her and her younger son go there, the heart monitor show a flat line meaning he be no more, and so she is so sunk in drake, that when they go to cross a street, she not notice a vehicle coming, and her younger son save her and tell her that she have to be strong and move on, and she listeing to all the word he is saying, and she realize she has to live for her yuonger son.

    but im not sure what to title my story, because story be about younger son giving mom courage and strength.

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    I love your storyline ... it's very good. Don't worry about a title yet ... not until the whole story is written. As you write and revise and edit, etc., jot down ideas for a title as they come to you. Then you can go over that list later and choose one or combine some or revise one or more. The title can be done last.

    Just work on making the story itself as complete and polished as possible. Once finished (and it may take several drafts), you can choose and add the title.

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    thanks very much Writeacher :) and i already wrote story yesterday but not able to come with title still.

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    Facing the Future

    Learning from the Younger Son


    What have you thought of?

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