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8th Grade math - Ms. Sue please

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An archaeologist has set up a dig at a newly discovered site. She and her team start excavating an area that is 36 feet by 24 feet. Because the scientists find many artifacts near the edges of this area, they decide to expand the dig. They add nine feet in all directions to the area they have already excavated. What is the area of the space that has been added to the excavation site?
1080ft sq, 1242ft sq or 1404ft sq.
I was incorrect with 2268ft sq

  • 8th Grade math - Ms. Sue please -

    36 * 24 = 864

    54 * 42 = 2268

    2268 - 864 = 1404

  • 8th Grade math - Ms. Sue please -

    whats the answer?!

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