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A student pushes stright along the handles of a mower with a force of 200 N. The handles make a angle of 20°, with respect to the horizontal. The frictional force for the 25 kg mower is 100 N. What is the normal force on the mower, and what is the acceleration of the mower?

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    The normal(downward vertical)force on the mower is M*g + F*sin20 = 245 + 34.2 = 279.2 N
    It is balanced by a vertical upward force from the ground.
    The acceleration is the net forward force divided by the mass.

    a = [(200 cos20) -100]/25 = 3.52 m/s^2

    I doubt if the mower can sustain that acceleration rate for very long. After 3 seconds he would be moving faster than Usain Bolt.

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