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Links to find the answer to this? Help?: Discuss the structure used by the King. How does he choose o put his letter together and how does this lead to a better understand of the ussues he has and the solution he is proposing. Cite at lesat three eamples from the tesxt and provide in depth anaysis over the examples chosen.

Links to find the answer to this?: King uses allusions throghout his letter. Find them and sicuss them. How are they effective? What do they mean? How do they apply to his overal purpose?

Links?: Discuss how King uses concessions through is letter. What are concessions in rhetroric? Cite King's concessions and analyze/discuss them.

Can you tell me where to find the link to these answers? I read the letter(All five-hundred pages of it lol) and I'm just not sure what the answers are. Thank you for the help! I appriciate it. Remember the Golden Rule :)

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