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A local animal shelter had four more than six times as many adult cats as kittens. After eight of the kittens were adopted, the shelter had four fewer than eight times as many adult cats as kittens. How many adult cats are at the shelter?

  • Math -

    kittens --- x
    adult cats -- 6x+4

    after adoption:
    kittens = x-8

    6x+4 = 8(x-8) - 4
    6x + 4 = 8x - 64 - 4
    -2x = -72
    x = 36

    Number of adults has not changed, so there are
    6(36) + 4 or 220 adult cats

    number of kittens 36
    cats = 220
    is 6(36) + 4 = 220 ? yes

    after adoption:
    kittens = 28
    is 8(28)-4 = 220 ? YES

    My answer is correct

  • Math -

    At the local animal shelter, there are 30 cats and 36 dogs. What is the ratio of dogs to cats at the local animal shelter

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