Algebra Grade 7

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Newtown is 522 km west of Jamesburg. Pottsville is 356 km east of Jamesburg and 928 east of Mayfield. How far and in what direction is Newton from Mayfield?
Pleas help me,thank ya.


  • Algebra Grade 7 -

    All 3 towns lie in a straight line and it looks like you are learning about integers.

    draw a number line marking it off in 100's
    put Jamesburg (J) at 0
    Newtown (N) is west of J by 522 so , -522 , go 522 to the left
    P is east of J by 356 so, +356
    but Pottsville (P) is also 928 east of Mayfield (M)
    or M is 928 west of P
    That would put M at -50

    (count the distances on your number line)
    Mayfield is 50 km to the west of Newtown.

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