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I posted this earlier but no one answered. :(

1. Given a scale factor of 2, find the coordinates for the dilation of the line segment with endpoints (-1,2) and (3,-3).

a. (2,4) and (6,6)
b. (2,4) and (6,6)
c. (-2,4) and (6,-6)
d. (2,-1) and (-3,3)

2. Given a scale factor of 1/2, find the coordinates for the dilation of the triangle with vertices at (0,0), (0,2), and (4,0).

a. (0.0), (0,4), (8,0)
b. (0,0), (0,1), (2,0)
c. (1/2,1/2), (1/2,1), (2,1/2)
d. (2,2), (2,4), (8,2)

  • Why is no one answering me :*( -

    my assiment is overdue plz help

  • Math Expert Help Me -

    Please be patient. All of us are volunteers and don't spend all day and night answering Jiskha questions. The last math teacher who answered was Damon about 2 p.m. Before that, Reiny answered a question about 9 a.m. I'm sure they or others will be on later this afternoon or evening.

  • Math Expert Help Me -

    I need it done in a hour

  • Math Expert Help Me -

    c and b, i got all of these right, good luck

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