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I'm having difficulty with this question

In the diagram, the coefficient of kinetic friction between the 2.00 kg and the 3.00 kg blocks is 0.300. The horizontal surface and the pulleys are frictionless, and the masses are released from rest.
(a) Draw a free body diagram of each block.
(b) Determine the acceleration of each block.
(c) Find the tension in the strings.

I've also been given a diagram:
Where on a flat surface the 2kg block rests atop the 3kg block. They are connected together with a string and a pully (T1). Off the edge of the flag suraface hangs a 10kg ball which is attached to the 3kg block with a string and pully (T2)

I'm confused as what are the forces Fnet is equal to

  • Physics -

    the top block is accelerated by friction.
    friction force=.3mg=.6g
    acceleration of top block=force/mass=.6g/2=.3g

    Now acceleration of bottom is caused by net force, which is the hanging weight minus the friction force between the blocks.

    abottom then= 9.4g/3 m/s^2

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    I though that the entire system goes through uniform acceleration.

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