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The following arguments contain various kinds of fallacies. Evaluate each and identify the fallacy using the matching list

1. How can Clinton be leading this country? He's a draft-dodging, pot-smoking womanizer!

2. Michael Jordan wore that brand, so those must be the best basketball shoes.

3. The difference in the outcome was Jefferson's missed field goal. If he put it through, we'd be going to the Super Bowl.

4. Don't ignore the woman who gave you birth, raised you, loved you then, and loves you still. Remember your mom on Mother's Day.

5. That's got to be a great line of clothes. Have you seen the prices and the people endorsing it?
Matching List

Each argument commits only one fallacy, and the fallacy is only used once.

a. False Analogy
b. Appeal to Authority
c. Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc
d. Attacking the Person
e. Two Wrongs
f. Non Sequitur
g. Equivocation
h. False Dilemma
i. Black and White (Slippery Slope)
j. Hasty Generalization
k. Contrary-to-Fact Hypothesis
l. Ad Ignorantium
m. Appeal to Emotion

My answers

1. D
2. F.
3. k.
4. M.
5. B.

Can you please check my answers. Thank you

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    I agree.

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    I believe you are correct.

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